Photo Series: What's Not There


The camera is a very limited tool. Is what we see really there?

The lens catches only what we can see with our eyes, and that's only a fragment of what's really there. The universe consists of dark matter with up to 95%. Energies we cannot see or touch with our senses. We are sort of stuck in our own version of reality and we take very seriously. We desperately try to make sense of it. 

We could however try to go beyond our own mind. We could try to quiet the chatter of our brain and how it interprets the photons of light that enters through our retinas. Perhaps then we can dip our toes in the potential that floats around us. See a bigger picture!

So, in essence, the only thing that really matters is: How do we go deeper? How do we integrate ourselves with our surroundings without judging, without craving, without ego? Would that make it easier for us to enhance our senses to a level which opens up new opportunities of reality? This photo series is a playful examination of what the eye is able to catch and a bridge between realities for my own limited mind. ”If I look hard enough, will I see all that’s there?”